Many people wonder whether they are better off applying to large corporations, medium sized companies, or small startups. Although it depends on the individual’s experience and resume, the size of the company can influence the candidate’s possibility in getting hired. While nobody should restrict themselves to companies with specific number of employees, they should know their odds and have realistic expectations when they apply for jobs.

Large corporations may take more time to hire and have lower hiring ratio.

Big companies have more staff, which means hiring decisions may take longer to make. Instead of one or two hiring managers, the candidate’s application may have to go through other departments such as HR and get approvals from upper management. Moreover, interviews may take time to get scheduled. Also, keep in mind that a lot more people submit their applications to well-known places.

Small-sized companies have higher hiring ratio.

While small-sized businesses are not as well known as corporations are, candidates are still better off applying to them. Because not may people know about small companies, the competition for the position is far less and the hiring process may not take as long as applying to a big company.

So, are you better off applying to small and medium companies? Yes. Should you only apply to small and medium companies? Absolutely not. Finding a job is a long process and there is no guarantee that by applying to businesses with certain size is the shortcut. Keep your options open and apply to as many as you can.