Are you interested in a job in the high-tech industry? Want to work for a pioneering tech company such as Boeing or Amazon? Tech companies are always on the lookout for talented new people to add to their workforce. With a bit of job-hunting savvy, you could easily land a job at Yahoo or AT&T, and get started on a high-flying career in the high-tech sector.

Because they employ advanced technology and cutting-edge applications, jobs in the high tech industry have much potential for growth. Since the industry is growing, employment opportunities abound. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level position or a top-level career, there are jobs for you at Halliburton, Caterpillar or any of the aforementioned high-tech companies.

There is no formal definition of “high tech”, but jobs in the high-tech industry generally include opportunities from the following fields: Aerospace, AI, Biotech, Software, Electrical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Nuclear Physics, Robotics, and Telecommunications.

Given such a vast field of subject matter, you’re sure to find a job that will pique your interest, suit your skills and match your needs. Jobs ay Yahoo include openings under Accounting and Finance, Business Development and Management, Customer Service and Support, Engineering, HR, Information Systems, E-Commerce, and Real Estate.

A job at Amazon involves “solving technical and business problems with ingenuity and simplicity;” the company lists job openings under Business Intelligence, Data Engineer, Hardware Development, Research Science, Software Development, Statistics, and Website Production.

Here are three tips to follow when applying for a job in the high-tech industry:

  • Have a well-written, error-free resume. How will you convince potential employers at Boeing to let you handle aerospace materials if your resume is laden with errors?
  • Research the company you’re applying for. These are detail-oriented companies, so it’s a good idea to know the company’s background and the exact details of the position you’re applying for.
  • Move fast. Jobs in the high-tech industry are highly desirable so there is considerable competition for each position. Job postings are quickly filled, so you might want to consider getting some help. Sign up with an online job search database or job-matching service to get tips and insider advice on getting a job with Comcast or AT&T, or other high-tech companies.

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